Carnal Carnage

by Pyromance

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released June 28, 2015

Vocals: Jake Blatchly
Guitars/Backing Vocals: Chris Fleming
Bass/Backing Vocals: Dan Nembach
Drums/Backing Vocals: Anthony Trudgett

Backing Vocals: Alexx Criss

Mixed and engineered at AK Studios by Andy Kellie

Mastered by Lord Tim



all rights reserved


Pyromance Brisbane, Australia

Pyromance was formed in late 2012 by frontman Jake Blatchly and lead guitarist Chris Fleming. Their songwriting and performance styles take influence from hard rock, punk, glam, theatre, alternative, grunge and blues with an audacious modern edge.

The Debut EP ''Carnal Carnage'' was released in 2015 and has been praised by rockers, punks, goths and radio DJ's worldwide.
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Track Name: Tear The Sky
C'mon baby, yeah!


Fuckin' on the floor, keeps me closer to hell
Sleeping next to trash but I don't mind the smell

Girl your body is a temple and I'll worship you right now
Girl your body is a temple and I'll tear it to the ground

Ooh tear the sky (tear the sky)
We're never gonna die (never die)
Ooh tear the sky (tear the sky)
C'mon burn me alive

I'm just a peice of glitter from another gutter
Don't think I'm bitter (just a bad motherfucker)
Track Name: Touch My Body
Oh baby when you rub it, you string me like a puppet
Gets me so damn erotic, I can't get off this topic

Don't you ever stop it cos my meat seeking missile
Has landed in your tropics and its never been this wild

Touch my body! then you know you've got me
Touch my body! then you know you've got me

Drain the power from my wire, like a dirty vampire
Taste the truth I'm a liar, I'm a gigolo for hire

Shake n warm like a dryer, rip it up like a flyer
Feel my hot beef injection, I can show a little affection
Track Name: Prophets Of Smut
Coke, death, tattooed on your breath
Show me all ya papers see the lines of regret
The night before you wanted so much more
Then you wake up naked on your bestfriends floor
The bridge between the blood on the screen
And the little old man beggin on his knees
The suit and tie, spreading all their lies
We gotta wake up before we all die

Welcome to the house of love
We're the prophets of smut
Sex and death, its armageddon now
Prophets of smut, we'll show ya fuckin how

I bleed, I feed, I take what I need
A bohemian gypsy doin dirty deeds
The rich, the poor, here comes the war
Battlefield rubbish, the blood is so raw
The judge, the hammer, they throw you in the slammer
They've assembled our lives in an orderly manner
Please, the sleaze, watch it drip to its knees
Taking every drop, soaking every squeeze

Riding out of hell at full throttle
Ooh baby, we're the prophets of smut
Payin our dues, ooh oh oh oh
With a whiskey bottle, yeah!
Track Name: Friends & Fiends
Like a phoenix in the ashes, I found meaning in disaster
I put you out in the ash tray, looks like I had the last say
Here I am, there you are, how did I let it go that far?

You come into our lives, you try to demonise
You're just another thorn in our sides, you've got to realise

All the other lovers, junkies with eachother
All bestfriends and all best fiends
Fallin off the hinges, binges of syringes
Fuck off dickhead, I'll make you bleed

''You useless fuckin junkie cunt, you couldn't organise a piss up in a fuckin brewery, your integrity is as thin as those needles you stick in your stupid little fuckin arms''

Rabbit, dead end habit, wasting your life, won't reach out and grab it
I took a piss in your gutter, it's time to swim, float or sink under
Here I am, there you are, how did I let it go that far?


You come into our lives, you're just a piece of shit
And just another thorn in our sides, you've got to realise

(Break down)
I'd like to see you come on down
Show us whatya made of
I'd like to see you go one round
You should put some weight on
Track Name: Seduction & Destruction
Fuck yeah!


Utopia if your lifes in danger, down in flames and down in anger
Suffocation from evil strangers, in the shadows lie the stranglers

Fuck them all, balls and glory
Creating life and writing stories
9 to 5 the rest are boring
Viagra soul, rock n roll horny

Wrecking ball, chaos destruction
Fear control, unable to function
Lose it all, go blues buskin
Show them all, my sweet seduction

Find a place in the back of your head, stay with love and stay with a friend
Stitch up doubt, insecuritie mend, rich in outspoken, what a confident blend

Riding up on gasoline
Slidin up on vasoline
Atrocities, I'm a fast machine
Velocity, floatin in the stream